Credit Repair is Easier Than You Think!

Our expertise in the industry will help you swiftly navigate your way to great credit. Having a high credit score determines the interest rates you pay, credit cards you can get, homes you can purchase, jobs you can obtain, and so much more. By law, information reported about you to credit bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated, and verifiable. Through our simple and powerful 3-step process, we help to ensure that credit companies can’t abuse these standards.

We help our clients rebuild their credit and enjoy a better lifestyle.

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3-Step Process

According to studies, 79% of credit reports contain mistakes or serious errors. We increase your credit score by removing inaccuracies.

Creditor Compliance

Most debt collectors are limited to simple validation requests. We exceed this for our clients. Our first step is to directly engage each creditor. We audit their compliance and information about you. Often we find inaccuracies. Once removed, your score will go up.

Regulatory Complaints

As needed we issue regulatory complaints against the bureaus, creditors, and collectors. They are then served impending litigation notices which forces the deletion of inaccurate accounts and late payments. Most creditors prefer to avoid litigation.

Attorney and Lawsuit Filings

Finally, based on discoverable violations, our associate attorneys will engage the creditors and credit bureaus and demand the deletion of inaccurate and outdated information. Additionally, our attorneys will file lawsuits on our clients’ behalf when necessary.

Improve Your Life

Buy a Home

Repair your credit. You can boost your score and purchase a new home!

Get a New Car

Don’t get denied for an auto loan with bad credit. Your dream car awaits!

Reach Financial Goals

Reduce your stress. Reach the financial goals you’ve been aiming for!

Qualify for Better Jobs

Without good credit, your chances of finding a great job just simply aren’t as good. Fix that!

Lower Interest Rates

Better credit? Better interest rates. Banks see your credit score and offer lower rates to those with high scores.

Credit Card Approval

Stop getting denied for credit cards. We’ll help to boost your score so you can get approved for those cards!

Home Ownership

We are licensed and bonded with over 20 years of experience in helping clients improve credit scores by restoring their credit. Our company designed a process to restore your credit and scores so you successfully get the home of your dreams. We have strong business relationships with both mortgage lenders and realtors. We work with them daily to help you with all your home buying needs. Many of our clients are now enjoying their new homes!

  • Medical Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Late Payments
  • Student Loans
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Inaccurate Reporting
  • Judgements
  • Civil Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Repossession
  • Charge Offs
  • Collections
  • Outdated Information

We handle all of these issues for you!

Upgrade Your Life

We use the power of FCRA laws to improve your credit score quickly.

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