Credit Score Anatomy

One of the first steps to keep your credit score up is to know what it's made of! Here's what you need to get a handle on your credit.

Do you know your credit score anatomy? I don’t remember lessons about it in school alongside other anatomy… But it turned out to be pretty important out in the real world! Since no one made a point to teach us in school, let’s go over what determines your credit score. First, What’s the Point? Assuming… Continue reading Credit Score Anatomy

Home Ownership With Bad Credit

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All our lives, we’re presented with the goal of home ownership. Having a place of our own to put down roots and build a family. But it feels like financial systems are made to stop us from getting there, and it’s true! There are a lot of steps to being ready to own a home… Continue reading Home Ownership With Bad Credit

Credit Tips for Newlyweds

Credit Tips for Newlyweds

Credit Tips for Newlyweds Getting married is one of the most exciting adventures in life. Everything from wedding planning to the honeymoon. It is all a wonderful time. However, an important concept to keep in mind as newlyweds involves planning for your financial future. Serious decisions and large purchases depend heavily on how savvy you… Continue reading Credit Tips for Newlyweds