Credit Score Anatomy

One of the first steps to keep your credit score up is to know what it's made of! Here's what you need to get a handle on your credit.

Do you know your credit score anatomy? I don’t remember lessons about it in school alongside other anatomy… But it turned out to be pretty important out in the real world! Since no one made a point to teach us in school, let’s go over what determines your credit score. First, What’s the Point? Assuming… Continue reading Credit Score Anatomy

Home Ownership With Bad Credit

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All our lives, we’re presented with the goal of home ownership. Having a place of our own to put down roots and build a family. But it feels like financial systems are made to stop us from getting there, and it’s true! There are a lot of steps to being ready to own a home… Continue reading Home Ownership With Bad Credit

Ways to Build Credit

Ways to Repair Your Credit

4 Top Ways to Build Credit Did you just get a credit card, or are you struggling with a low credit score? At Rock Credit Repair, we know how overwhelming and stressful the world of credit can be; that’s why we’re here for you! In this blog, we are here to give you four ways… Continue reading Ways to Build Credit