Buy A Home With Bad Credit

Buy A Home With Bad Credit? YES!

Buy A Home With Bad Credit

Buy A Home With Bad Credit? YES!

Licensed and bonded with decades of experience in helping clients improve their credit scores by restoring their credit. Our company designed a process on how we restore your credit and scores so you successfully get the home of your dreams. We have a strong business relationships with both mortgage lenders and realtors. We work with them daily to help you with all your home buying needs.

Credit for Homes

Fast Mortgage Credit Help

Buy A Home With Bad Credit

Fast Mortgage Credit Help

Each client is unique, which is why we create an individualized credit repair mortgage approval road map for each client. Each road map includes a different level of mortgage credit repair, restoration and coaching. We want our clients to truly understand what their credit report means and what they can do immediately to increase credit scores to buy a home.

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We Will Help You

Want a Mortgage or New Home

Over the last 20 years we’ve helped hundreds of folks improve their credit to get approved for a new home or mortgage refinance. If you’re planning on getting a mortgage, we’ll work closely with your lender (or help you find one) to base your credit repair program with the specific goal of getting you that mortgage approval.

Your Customized Credit Repair Plan

Unlike other companies with a one size fits all solution, at Rock Credit Repair you get your very own personalized credit repair program, that focuses on your personal goals and motivations of loans you want to acquire in the future. Your goals and dreams are important to us!

Access to Your Personal Credit Coach

In addition optimizing your score loan approval, we’ll help you understand the fundamentals of credit reports and credit scores. You will know exactly how to build and maintain your credit score. You’ll learn what balances to keep, what kind of accounts to open and which ones to close.

Call to Start the Journey for Your Perfect Home!

Rock Credit serves potential home buyers all throughout the state of Texas. We are dedicated to providing people with the choice of buying a home in today’s competitive market. Call Rock Credit Repair Today. Our experienced staff can get you to where you want to be financially!

One-Stop Shop

Are you looking to purchase a house?

We are excited to announce that Rock Credit Repair now has a realtor and lender working in-house. This makes the process of purchasing a house even easier! We’ll work together closely as a team and review your file monthly. We do this to get you pre-qualified for your home loan. Meanwhile, you are in the process of credit repair. It saves time and money!

SIGNING BONUS If you choose our credit repair team, we offer a full $500 refund for credit repair, after closing on your new house!

Buy A Home With Bad Credit
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