Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score is immensely important, as it factors into several big-picture aspects of everyday life: applying for an apartment, buying a house, etc. Not only is it crucial for you to constantly check on your score, but you need to work on improving it if it’s on the lower end of the scale. Rock Credit Repair in Texas is eager to help you improve this area of individual and family finances through in-depth credit consulting.

Improve Your Credit Score

Analyzing Your Payment History

A large part of managing your credit score — and repairing it if need be — has to do with how frequently you pay your bills on time. Late payments are one of the first component creditors look at, so not keeping up with your bills can seriously affect your overall score. Rock Credit Repair’s credit consulting sessions start by analyzing the nature of your past payments and setting up a plan to ensure you pay the minimum on time every month.

Reviewing Your Credit Card Capacity

What may be surprising to most is that it’s not just how much you owe on a credit card that can affect your score, but how much of the available credit you’ve used. If you are regularly using 80% to 90% of your available credit, or even exceeding the limit, it can cause your overall score to drop dramatically. During our credit consulting sessions, our experts work with clients on avoiding large balances and keeping them at 10% utilization.

Determining Your Credit History & Type

Improve your credit with Rock Credit Repair

If you have a relatively short credit history — or you haven’t had your credit card for very long — then your score may be lower than someone with several years worth of history. As far as the overall credit type, it’s beneficial to have an assortment of active accounts: Mortgage, Installment, and Revolving. If you don’t have all these open accounts, Rock Credit Repair’s consultants can help! We’ll set you up in a situation where your history and account types work for you rather than against you.

Avoiding Adding New Credit

As your credit accounts age, they will naturally cause your credit score to increase. Therefore, it isn’t wise for you to constantly close old lines of credit and open up new accounts; both of these actions will cause your credit score to suffer. Through our credit consulting services, we can help you change ascertain habits to ensure your score has a chance to grow and change in a positive direction.

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