Tax Services in Texas

Taxes are another area we can assist! We are proud to offer tax preparation. Our services are available for business and personal clients. Furthermore, we will help you file your income tax return quickly and accurately. Get all of your money back, with our assistance. We are your one-stop-shop!

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Tax Services in Texas

Below you will find a list of services we can help with.

  • Tax Preparation with Electronic Filing
  • Free Past Years’ Income Tax Review
  • Filing Back Taxes 
  • Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINs)
  • IRS Audit Representation
  • IRS Debt Negotiations / Offers in Compromise
  • Notary Public Services
  • Language Translations
  • Maximize Your Refund
  • EIC Credit
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Free Consultation

Additionally, tax season is upon us! We’ve got some tips to help you get the most of your income tax return.

Tax Tips

Income Tax Return Preparation Tips: Create a folder for the current year of items.

Tax Return and Support: Create a file with copies of your signed tax return(s) for the year. Include any support documents provided with your filed tax return.

File Tax Returns in Order: Create annual files to match the flow of your 1040 tax return. Here are some suggestions.

Income: Copies of W-2s, 1099s, Social Security statements, interest income, K-1s, and investment activity go in this file.

Charitable Donations: Create a separate file for cash donations and one for non-cash donations. Include a copy of your charitable mileage log in this file.

Medical and Dental: Create a file for all your medical related expenses. Include a copy of your medical related mileage log, in this file.

Other Itemized Deduction File: In this file include all other proof of itemized deductions. This includes property tax statements, mortgage interest, and state income tax documentation.

Business activity: Have a file for each hobby and business activity. Include a copy of your business mileage log in this file.

Education: Create a file for all documents related to educational expenses. Include in it copies of invoices, tuition and fees. Include invoices for music lessons, instruments and any materials required.

Other: Put all your miscellaneous receipts into this file. This includes any payments received from the government due to COVID or the new advanced child tax credit. But also save any documents you are unsure about like receipts for daycare, Form 1095s and any other tax related items.

Taxes by Rock Credit Repair in Round Rock
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Lastly, we offer free consultations. Our expertise, will save you time and money. Let us help you get the most out of your taxes.

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